Making Her Yours: A Guide to Creating Passion and Desire in a Woman

How to create desire in a woman:The Guide for men

  1. Build trust and emotional intimacy: Take the time to get to know her and create a strong emotional connection. Show her that you are trustworthy, reliable, and supportive.
  2. Be confident and assertive: Show her that you are self-assured and capable of taking the lead. Be decisive and take control in situations, but also be respectful of her boundaries and desires.
  3. Be attentive and responsive: Listen to her and pay attention to her needs. Be responsive and show her that you care about her thoughts and feelings.
  4. Make her feel attractive and desirable: Compliment her and make her feel good about herself. Show her that you find her physically attractive and that you desire her.
  5. Communicate openly and honestly: Talk openly about your desires and boundaries, and be open to discussing hers as well. Encourage her to express herself and be responsive to her needs.
  6. Show your love and affection: Show her that you love and care for her in a variety of ways, including through physical touch, verbal affirmations, and thoughtful gestures.
  7. Be creative: Be creative and spontaneous. Surprise her with special dates, romantic gestures, or small gifts. Show her that you put thought and effort into making her feel desired.
  8. Be patient: Keep in mind that creating desire takes time and effort. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to create a strong emotional connection with her.

It’s important to note that creating desire is not a one-size-fits-all, and it can vary from person to person. It’s important to communicate with your partner and understand her needs, desires, and boundaries.

How to make a woman want you more sexually

You find yourself with a woman and everything’s going great.

There’s a real connection, the girl’s showing obvious signs of interest, and you even scores a date.

But nothing happens. There’s a second and maybe even a third date. But still, nothing happens.

Finally, the girl’s attraction runs out, she disappears and you ask yourself what happened. It all seemed so great!

Alas, there was but one mistake.
You failed to deepen.

You failed to get physical.

And guess what?

You’re in charge of how to increase female sex drive

Women don’t bed men. Men bed women.

So, How to create desire in a woman?

You have to take charge of the interaction. You’re the man, and so you have to take on the masculine role and be the leader.

You approach her. You initiate and maintain the conversation. You get her number. You set up the date. And so on. You lead, and she follows.

And taking her to bed isn’t any different. As a man, you must inflame her desire.

She’ll start taking a bit more initiative, but even then, you’re the man and you’re the one who takes charge and leads the relationship.

Take physical initiative and control into bed

Always be escalating. You step up or down. Build an attraction or turn it down. If you’re not, you’re wasting your time.

And no, that doesn’t mean unzipping your pants the minute you say “hey”.

Start small, and build your way to the top.


Increase female sensitivity naturally

If you throw a frog in boiling water, it will jump right back out. But if you gradually bring the water to a boil, the frog won’t realize it until it’s too late. The same goes when you try to increase sexual desire and sensitivity in a woman naturally.

Start small by touching her face or forearm during conversation to make a point.

Then gradually increase her desire further. When flirting, you can playfully shove her, pull her in close, high-five her, give her a phony palm reading, or play with her fingers.

Then you continue increasing sex drive in a woman. Put your arm around her, place your hand on her lower back when guiding her through a crowd, rest your hand on her thigh, brush lint off her shirt, brush a loose strand of hair from her face, and so on. Getting more intimate.

As you progress, you must pay particular attention to the woman’s body language.  Is she sensitive or does she look uncomfortable?

If all is going well, continue to gradually increase her desire. If she’s not receptive or seems uncomfortable, bring it back down a notch and then gradually work your way back up again (assuming, of course, that she’s responding positively to your touch).

Increase her desire with a kiss

A proven method of achieving a kiss is to slowly lean in while holding eye contact, look at her lips for a second, back to the eyes, and then go for it.

Just like the movies

A lot of the things that women find most romantic are based on things they’ve seen in films.

Kissing her on her shoulder is an erotic movie.

You can get away with it in public and it’ll make her feel really sexy.

Kiss her when you’re somewhere it can’t go any further. Kissing for the sake of kissing is what makes it exciting again. Do it on a street corner, on the train, or in the kitchen while your guests are waiting in the dining room.

But, if you’re both drunk at a nightclub, she doesn’t want everybody to think she’s “too easy” or a slut who kisses random dudes. This is particularly important if anybody she knows is nearby.

Find a somewhat private dark place. Or, even better, take her home. More on taking her home later.

Here’s a simple, panty-soaking way to go for the kiss (and beyond)…

If you’re at her or your apartment and she’s walking around, looking at something, getting some drinks, etc., slowly approach her from behind, place your hands on her hips, get close to her ear, smell her, move her hair to the side, and bite/kiss his neck.

Then have sex, it’s all.

man creates desire in woman by kissing

How to create desire in a woman: Physical Connection

Don’t be afraid to get physical. Moving on…
Taking her to bed is relatively easy.

If you get a kiss, sex is the next step.

Once you get to this point, don’t doubt that she’s interested in you.

There’s just one problem, one final obstacle:

She doesn’t want to be seen (by either herself or her friends or even society in general) as a slut.

You can’t just say, “Let’s go home and have sex.” That might work for us guys because we tend to be more logical and straightforward, but women are far more subtle creatures.

The solution: Plausible deniability.

Even if you and she both know what it means to go, let her think that “sex just happened.”

For example:

“I have a great pool table at home, come and we’ll play a game.”

Or if you don’t have a pool table, just say, “Let’s go get drinks at my place,” or, “You’ve never had a real martini until you try my homemade XYZ.”

Heck, if the attraction is strong enough, even a lame “excuse” will do. For example, “You need to see my awesome rug!”

Although women sometimes simply don’t feel ready yet, giving her plausible deniability will get you a long way and, more often than not, help you to close the deal.

The key is to give her a reason to not view herself as a slut. If you do a good job, she’ll feel comfortable letting you take her to bed.

Blow her mind  in bed

Breasts, as well as the tips of the fingers, lips, and genitals, are the most sensitive parts of the body.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the sight of you still wet after your gym session has caused her body to respond in this way.

Yes, the stimuli can be something very sexy, like your sweaty buff body at the gym, but it’s far more likely to be a sudden cold blast from the air-conditioner; or it could simply be the feel of her top’s material rubbing over her nipples.

If you kiss or touch her and her body responds to what you are doing – go ahead!


Ask her to describe how she plays with her breasts when you’re not around.  She can show you by guiding your hand over them.

How she plays solo will give you the best indication of how to get her to climax during sex.

Don’t forget to compliment her breasts.

creating desire in a bed

How to increase female libido?

Something for her to learn

To reach simultaneous orgasm in her- on-top position, she needs to learn more about her climax.

She can teach herself to hold back and discover how to control the point of orgasm by practicing when she masturbates.

Women, like men, tend to try to get to the end goal as quickly as they’re able, but taking herself close to the edge of orgasm, then pulling back, and repeating the process will teach her how to control her climax and may even lead to more intense orgasms.

It also means she can control her climax until you’re close to yours, making it a lot easier for you both to enjoy an orgasm.

Increase female sensitivity

Make  her O your mission

Success here relies on you being shallow: her body isn’t designed to orgasm with deep penetration—the majority of her nerve endings are in the lower third of her vaginal canal.

To get an idea of how little sensation she has “up there,” consider the cervical smear, a procedure during which cells are scraped from the cervix—and she doesn’t even need an anesthetic.

Now consider how she responds when you have a ragged fingernail and touch her vaginal lips or clitoris with it.

See the difference? That is why deep thrusting, although potentially sexy, isn’t what brings her to orgasm.

You can greatly enhance clitoral stimulation during missionary by changing your thrust technique.


Rather than pulling out and in, slide yourself in and make hoops with your hips—circle and grind as you would if you were doing some seriously snake-hipped salsa moves on the dance floor.

The point is to apply pressure to her clitoris with the upper part of the base of your penis and your pelvic bone. Maintain the same rhythm and keep going, kissing her neck or breasts as you do so. Don’t expect her to orgasm quickly, or at all—just let her enjoy the sensation.

Give her clitoris what it deserves

Female libido booster

Her clitoris is a greedy little bundle of nerves. It simply craves your direct touch.

But, sometimes, you do your best and she is still unable to orgasm.

Try using any of the following tools:

— Pillow

Putting a pillow under her bottom raises her pelvis toward yours, and puts the clitoris in a more exposed position.

— Vibrating penis ring

And a vibrating penis ring is a wonderful sex toy that slips over your penis and directly stimulates her clitoris. Lord of the rings? You will be once you’ve tried it.

— Natural female libido booster

Something special to your extraordinarily SEXUAL woman.

Give her deliciously smooth cream to transform every touch into pure sensual pleasure.

You can also try Arousal Gel to increase her sensation and desire dramatically.


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