How to last longer in bed naturally?

So, how you can last longer in bed naturally?  Here are a couple of easy lifestyle-changing things that may help you last longer in bed.

Food & fitness routines to last longer in bed naturally

Maintain a Healthy Weight for the best libido

Burning fat In order to last longer in bed naturally sounds like a good idea.

A lot of studies show that losing 5–10 percent of body weight improves sex.

For a 200-pounds guy, it’s between 10 and 20 pounds.

As a participant in a weight loss program at Duke University, the 44-year-old lost 47 pounds.

And this is what he said:

To my surprise and my girlfriend’s delight, I suddenly got the sexual energy of a 22-old lifeguard.



Comments like his prompted Duke University staff to survey the sexual effects of weight loss on 70 men with an average age of 42.


Moderate weight loss—5–10 percent— significantly improved their libidos and sexual satisfaction and help to stay harder longer.

Brown University researchers tracked 229 obese women in a weight-loss program.

After one year, they lost an average of 15 pounds and reported better sex and fewer sexual problems.

Those who have lost the most weight have experienced the best sexual betterment.

English researchers analyzed 32 studies of sex after weight loss. The majority reported a significant increase in sexual desire and function after weight loss.

A North Carolina weight control researcher reviewed forty-seven studies of sexuality after significant weight loss. Most showed substantially increased libido, arousal,  sexual function, and satisfaction.

How Fat Loss Can Increase Sexual Longevity

Losing body fat is a key goal because it improves health in many ways:

Boost your self-esteem. You feel more attractive and radiate increased desirability, so you also look sexier to potential lovers.

Less fatigue. It takes work to carry extra pounds. As weight increases, so does fatigue, which increases as the day wears on. If you prefer to make love at night,  extra weight robs you of energy just when you want to get it on.

Less pain. Carrying extra weight is hell on the leg joints. Many studies show that extra pounds mean more arthritis. Pain kills libido. Weight loss reduces joint pain, which boosts libido and enhances sexual pleasure.

Lower cholesterol. University of South Carolina researchers checked the cholesterol levels of 3,250 men, then surveyed their sex lives. The higher their cholesterol, the more likely they were to report erectile dysfunction.

Less risk of diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Weight loss can reverse type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 95 percent of the disease.

A healthy body helps last longer in bed

Obviously, losing weight isn’t easy.

Do you know that 9 out of 10 dieters get their losses back?

But this means that 10% lose weight in the end.


They learn from their faults.

Permanent weight control is a learning process. People try a diet, lose a little, regain it, and feel they’ve ‘failed.’ But they haven’t failed. They’re learning by trial and error. Over time, they figure out what works for them.

– James Hill, Ph.D., of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver.


Doctor Hill co-founded the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), a database of people who have lost at least thirty pounds and kept it off for at least a year. Since 1993, the NWCR has collected more than seven thousand success stories. The average registrant has lost 66 pounds and kept it off for 5 years.

How? They STOP DIETING. Dieting involves major short-term changes that are usually impossible to maintain long-term.

Your mantra is ‘small changes for life.’ Figure out what diet modifications you can live with—then stick with them.

Increase physical activity, not only in bed

Most guys who keep weight off also walk. A lot. Exercise burns calories.

“It’s almost impossible to keep weight off without regular exercise,” doctor Hill says. “Walking is registrants’ top physical activity. Most walks daily and take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

Losing weight and maintaining the loss are two different challenges. “People lose weight in many ways: low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, Weight Watchers,” doctor Hill explains. “But most maintain a lower weight on a low-fat, low-calorie diet with lots of walking.”

Add Fruits and Vegetables  for your sex drive

Plant foods contain antioxidant nutrients that help keep the cardiovascular and nervous systems healthy.

Forget the myth that eating ONLY red meat is manly.

It’s not necessary to become vegetarian, but those who eat the most fruits and vegetables report the greatest libido and sexual satisfaction:

  • Italian researchers surveyed 215 adults’ sex lives, then told half to eat as usual. The other half adopted a near-vegetarian Mediterranean diet. After eight years, the Mediterranean group reported significantly fewer sex problems.
  • Another Italian team surveyed the sexual function of fifty-nine women. Half made no diet changes. The rest adopted a Mediterranean diet. After two years, the Mediterranean group reported significantly better sex.
  • Greek researchers surveyed 350 men under forty about diet and sex problems. As their consumption of fruits and vegetables increased, their sex problems decreased.
  • A third Italian team reviewed dozens of studies of a near-vegetarian diet and found that it helped prevent erectile dysfunction.
  • Finally, Australian investigators analyzed eighty-nine studies of lifestyle and sexual function involving 348,865 participants. As participants’ diets became healthier—more fruits and vegetables and less meat, dairy items, fast foods, and junk foods—ED risk declined significantly.

It’s easier to transform your diet than you might think. Have some fruit with breakfast. Eat at least one salad a day.

And one night a week, instead of a meat-centered meal, try a hearty vegetable-bean soup. Make a big pot and you’ll also get a few lunches out of it.

Cut out fried, fast, and junk food to stay hard

This food is high in erection-impairing fats and largely devoid of erection-supporting nutrients.

It’s best to eat only natural foods, and important to avoid all junk foods, refined sugars, fried foods, and processed food products.

When you free yourself from harmful foods, toxins, and other wellness inhibitors, you may feel sexier, healthier, and more alive than ever before.

Choose organic and stay hard longer

 There’s nothing sexy about eating non-organic food.

By choosing organic, in one move, you can avoid numerous pesticides; genetically modified organisms (GMOs); fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge (some fertilizers contain waste treated at sewage plants, and may harbor food-contaminating ingredients); irradiation (non-organic foods may be irradiated to extend their shelf life, a questionable practice for your health); and antibiotics and growth hormones.


Get in Shape for Better Sex

Before around forty, most of you, guys, can smoke, drink, loll on the sofa, wash down bacon cheeseburgers with ice cream, and gain weight—and still enjoy decent sexual function.

But that lifestyle slowly ravages your body, and after forty or so, the damage catches up with you. If you’d like to enjoy great sex from youth to triple digits, embrace a healthy lifestyle when you’re young and maintain it throughout life.

START TODAY, no matter how old you are. You’ll add years to your life and life to your years.

Regular Moderate Exercise

Exercise supports healthy arterial function, which increases blood flow to the genitals. It boosts libido-fueling testosterone in men and androgens in women.

Exercise is also critical to weight control. It promotes deep relaxation, improves sleep, elevates mood, and contributes to self-esteem and well-being, all of which enhance libido and sexual enjoyment:

  • Massachusetts researchers asked 1,709 men over forty about their lifestyle and sexual satisfaction. Those who exercised the most reported the best sex and the fewest sex problems.
  • University of California, San Diego, investigators surveyed the sex lives of seventy-eight sedentary men with an average age of forty-eight. Then the men took hourlong walks four days a week. After nine months, their fitness improved and so did their sex lives—more libido, greater arousal, increased sexual frequency, and better orgasms.
  • Singapore scientists enrolled ninety obese men, with an average age of forty-four, in exercise programs of either low or moderate intensity. Six months later, both groups reported better sex, but the moderate-intensity group showed greater improvement.

It doesn’t matter what type(s) of exercise you choose.

One suggestion is to do push-ups or weight exercises that use the same basic motion of pushing and pulling with the upper arms and chest muscles.

To the extent that you support your body with your arms while making love, this conditioning will help prevent fatigue, so that your penis will not be thinking, “Hurry up and get it over with!” Squats, knee bends, or other exercises for the upper legs, as well as exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, will all increase penis power because those muscles help support you during various sexual positions.

Do anything you enjoy: walking, swimming, yoga, tennis, gardening, cycling—whatever gets you moving for at least thirty minutes a day, at least several days a week, ideally daily.

It’s never too late to start exercising.

Even very old folks who have led largely sedentary lives show improved health and fitness with modest walking, stretching, and lifting weights.

Very Special “To Last Longer” Exercise

The best way to develop your penis power and last longer in bed is Sex.

Practice makes perfect in bed, just as it does in a sports stadium or concert hall. The more you use your penis and the more you learn about using it, the more control you will gain over its functioning.

Making love is a great form of exercise for your whole body.

Exchanges during sex can vary. Slow and steady may be appropriate at times, while faster pace is suitable at other times. To last longer in bed, use your time wisely. Men generally orgasm faster than women, and post-ejaculation they often experience a refractory period where they can’t achieve another erection. Women have little to no refractory period. To delay orgasm, try these tips:

  1. Masturbate before sex to utilize the refractory period
  2. Use the squeeze technique to hold ejaculation
  3. Consider using a cock ring to extend erections
  4. Change positions to disrupt the tempo
  5. Slow down during sex
  6. Try the edging technique, which involves decreasing stimulation before reaching the point of ejaculation.

Remember, sex is fluid and the order of things doesn’t have to be the same every time. What matters most is finding the happy medium.

Vigorous sex increases the volume of oxygen in your lungs, quickens your heart rate, and raises your effective circulating blood volume, all of which benefit your general health.

Sex can also help you moderate potentially dangerous habits. When you are sexually satisfied, you feel so good about yourself that you are less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, or junk food.

Finally, sex is a great antidote for stress (if not the greatest!). If you are feeling anxious or worried, if you need to steer your mind away from burdensome thoughts and work off some tension, then having sex is the best solution.


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FAQ Section

Question: How can I last longer in bed naturally?

To last longer in bed naturally, consider making some lifestyle changes. Maintaining a healthy weight can improve sexual longevity, as moderate weight loss (5-10%) has been shown to enhance libido and sexual satisfaction. Regular physical activity, like walking, can also support weight control and boost overall sexual function. Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet can improve cardiovascular and nervous system health, positively impacting sexual drive and satisfaction. Additionally, choosing organic foods helps avoid harmful toxins and supports better overall well-being.

Question: How does weight loss contribute to better sexual performance?

Losing body fat can lead to several improvements in sexual function. It boosts self-esteem, reduces fatigue, minimizes joint pain, lowers cholesterol levels, and reduces the risk of diabetes—all factors that contribute to enhanced sexual performance and satisfaction.

Question: How can I achieve permanent weight control?

Achieving permanent weight control involves making small, sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle. Avoid crash diets and focus on long-term modifications that work for you. Walking regularly and adding physical activity to your daily routine can support weight loss maintenance.

Question: How do plant-based foods contribute to better sexual performance?

Plant foods are rich in antioxidant nutrients that support cardiovascular and nervous system health, leading to improved sexual function. Eating a Mediterranean-style diet, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, has been associated with better sex and libido.

Question: What foods should I avoid to stay hard longer?

To stay hard longer, it’s best to avoid fried, fast, and junk food. These foods are high in erection-impairing fats and lack essential nutrients for sexual health. Opt for natural foods and cut out processed and unhealthy options.

Question: How does regular exercise benefit sexual performance?

Regular moderate exercise improves arterial function, leading to increased blood flow to the genitals. It also boosts libido-enhancing hormones in both men and women. Exercise promotes relaxation, better sleep, elevated mood, and improved self-esteem, all of which contribute to enhanced sexual enjoyment.

Question: Are there any specific exercises to last longer in bed?

Engaging in regular sexual activity is one of the best ways to improve sexual performance and last longer in bed. Practice and familiarity with your body and responses can lead to better control and stamina. Additionally, trying techniques like the squeeze method, using a cock ring, changing positions, or using the edging technique can help delay orgasm and prolong sexual activity.

Question: Can sex improve overall health and well-being?

Yes, sex can have several positive effects on overall health and well-being. Vigorous sex increases lung oxygen volume, raises the heart rate, and improves effective blood circulation, benefiting general health. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety, promote better self-esteem, and discourage harmful habits like substance abuse or unhealthy eating.

Question: Is it possible to last longer in bed naturally without using medications or supplements?

Yes, it is possible to improve sexual performance and last longer in bed naturally through lifestyle changes, physical activity, and healthy eating habits. Incorporating these practices can lead to better sexual function and overall well-being without the need for medications or supplements.

Question: What are some tips to find the right balance during sex to last longer?

Finding the right balance during sex is essential to lasting longer. Communicate with your partner, explore different positions, and practice techniques like edging to control arousal. Remember, sex is fluid, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Focus on mutual pleasure and finding a happy medium that works for both partners.

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