What attracts women to men: The Ultimate Guide

What a woman looks for in a man?

You keep wondering, what attracts women to men?

You want to charm her and show her all your best qualities so that she falls in love with you and stays with you by her own choice.

Big mistake.

You need to understand something.

Attraction isn’t a choice. 

A shiny red Ferrari won’t make her attracted to you.

A high-paying job won’t make her attracted to you.

Six-pack abs won’t make her attracted to you.

Bragging about all the reasons she should be attracted to you won’t make her attracted to you.


Because attraction isn’t a choice.
No. Instead, attraction is instinctive.

Women may say (and even think) they want a nice guy who treats them like a princess, but the truth is they don’t feel any attraction.

Yet when that menacing bad boy swaggers by, she just can’t help but get the tingles.

So what is it, then, that women have evolved to be instinctively attracted to?

What makes guys attractive?

So, what attracts women to men?

To cut a long story short, a man’s behavior is the most important factor when it comes to female attraction.

A somewhat ugly guy who has the strength (both mental and physical) to protect her when she’s pregnant and the infant, when it’s vulnerable from sabertooth tigers and starvation, increases her odds of successful reproduction far more than a weak, wussy “pretty boy.”

Traits that women find attractive in men

Keep in mind that all women are different, and, therefore, have different preferences, but the traits that we are going to discuss are all traits that the majority of women look for in a man.

Hear her and will be most attracted man


It is one of the most attractive traits to a woman.

Women love to talk. While most women will probably also enjoy it if you respond to their talking, sometimes all they want is for you to listen.

A woman’s instinct is to talk to someone about the problems that she is facing. If you can be that person to a woman, and if you can simply listen to her without being judgmental or rude, it will make you far more attractive in her eyes.

That is one of the best ways to keep her around, too. Just listen.

Attract a woman with a smile

In romance novels, the dark, serious guy with cold eyes is considered to be mysterious and attractive, but that just is not true in real life.

No woman is going to approach someone like that. It’s just too intimidating.

Just smile at a woman if you are interested in her. If you are having some light-hearted banter or are talking about something funny, be quick to smile and laugh. Keep it natural, and make sure it is well-timed. You don’t want to start laughing like a maniac just like the woman you are conversing with bringing up her deceased parents. That would probably ruin all your chances.

So, yes, a smiling man is definitely attractive—just not 24/7.

BRAINS attract any woman

Be smart. A guy with a great brain, however, will certainly be popular with the majority of women.

 What attracts women to men? – Your Brain first of all.

It is one hundred percent true, and a proven fact, that women do, in fact, prefer smarter guys over good-looking guys.

You might be raising your eyebrows at the statement.

“How come the nerds at high school never got the girls, then?” is something you may be thinking.

The answer to that is that, even though a smart guy is attracted to women, you can’t get by on smarts alone.

For example, if you are intelligent but under-confident and unable to make conversation with women, they won’t be able to really get to know you, and, therefore, won’t be interested in you.

If you can manage to be friendly, down-to-earth, and smart at the same time, then I’m sure lots of women will love you.

Sense of humor that attracts a woman to a man

If you are someone that is terrible at making jokes, then relax.

Guys that always make lame jokes are not attractive, anyway. That’s not what I meant by having a sense of humor.

You should be able to say something witty every now and then. Be careful not to be offensive, though. That’s a common problem that a lot of jokesters have.

Along with that, being able to laugh at yourself is also a great ability that is included in a good sense of humor. Learn not to take joking insults too seriously, and try to make light of your own mistakes.

I promise you that most women will find this more attractive than knock-knock jokes—although those can, occasionally, be fun.

Not to overdo it with all the joking around.

Honesty is attracted most women

You can tell all the lies you want to a woman, but even if she doesn’t see through them in the beginning—which she probably will because women are quite perceptive—you will be caught red-handed one day. And it will not be pretty.

That’s why you need to be honest, right from the start.

Don’t try and act like you’re richer than you really are, or like you’re more well known than you really are.


So many guys think that pretending that they’re some kind of celebrity will help them keep a girl around when that really isn’t true. You will be found out, and then you’ll be left with no one.

Let her know what your likes and dislikes are, without trying to filter them so that she’ll look upon you more favorably. If the woman says she likes vanilla ice cream, don’t try to agree with her and be a chameleon. If vanilla really is your favorite, then say so. If it isn’t, then don’t lie. This may seem like a silly example to give, but I’m simply making a point here, and my point is to be honest!

You do not, however, want to be rude if your opinions differ. Let’s continue with that ice cream example to help you understand.

If both of you like different flavors, instead of saying “Gross! How could you like vanilla? Ugh!”

You could say something like “Vanilla is cool. I prefer chocolate, though.”


This trait is one that can make almost any woman swoon. Trust me, nobody likes a guy that is cruel and a bully.

Women are attracted to guys that know how to treat them—with kindness and care.

The kind of guy that will unexpectedly do something sweet for them, or will buy them a gift that they had been wanting for years.

It’s not difficult to be considerate, really. You just have to do things that you believe will make the woman you are interested in happy.

Being considerate is all about paying attention to the woman you are interested in, and learning all about her likes and dislikes.

But don’t overdo it

I know this goes completely against everything that feel-good emotional bullcr*p society pumps into you about how you just need to show her “what a nice guy you are.”

I know you’ve been taught that the way to get a babe is to wine and dine her for months and buy her flowers and chocolates and take her for rides in your fancy car.

That if only you could be nicer to her than every other guy she’s met, then she’ll want to sleep with you.

But it’s all a lie.

It’s not what women are biologically hardwired to find attractive.


The less f*cks you give, the more f*cks you get

I like what Dominic Mann wrote in his book “Unlock Her Legs: How to Effortlessly Attract Women and Become the Man Women Unlock Their Legs For” –  Women are biologically hardwired to be instinctively attracted to mentally strong, confident, masculine, dominant men (see why in the next chapter). These kinds of guys aren’t needy and have nothing to prove. And so when your behavior sub-communicates neediness —giving too much of a f*ck—her legs tighten and her attraction wanes.

Eliminate all neediness

Turn the tables by shifting your mindset from “I hope she likes me” to “Let’s find out if I like her.”

Try to impress her and she’ll be less interested.

Be less invested and she’ll try to impress you.

Why bad boys are attracted to women

It is for these evolutionary reasons that women can’t help but feel a primal attraction to the typical bad boy or “jerk”.

Jerk exudes confidence and—back to sub-communication—all of his actions,  sub-communicate he is the prize.

He feels no need to try to impress her by bowing to her every whim. He’s probably also capable of slaying those juicy big buffalo, dealing with potentially dangerous tribe members, and protecting her from those sabertooth tigers. And all that only intensifies her attraction for him.

When you don’t really care about her, the sub-communication is that you have options. If she leaves, there are 10 other girls who’re after you. And that only intensifies her attraction for him.

When you don’t give her all that she wants, the sub-communication is that you are mentally strong enough to ignore her shit and not supplicate to her silly demands.

When you flat-out ignore her for days on end, not answering calls or texts and virtually disappearing off the face of the earth, the sub- communication is that she might not be good enough for you or you might be getting bored of her. And that only intensifies her attraction for you and makes her try harder to please you.

And so on.


Be smart, be a good listener, smile, be considerate, and be polite,  but don’t be overly approachable.

If you’re “too easy” for women, they naturally assume (usually subconsciously) that you don’t get laid much.

This leads a woman to think that she is a prize for you.

That she is the “catch”. Women don’t want this.

Women want to be with men who they feel are better than them.


Women never want to be the prize.

Rather, they want YOU to be THE PRIZE.

FAQ Section

Question: What are the key traits that women find attractive in men?

While preferences can vary among individuals, there are certain traits that the majority of women find attractive in men. These include being a good listener, having a pleasant smile, intelligence, a sense of humor, honesty, thoughtfulness, and consideration.

Question: Why is being a good listener important to women?

Women appreciate men who can listen attentively without judgment or interruption. When a man listens to a woman and provides emotional support, it makes him more attractive in her eyes. It’s a way of showing care and understanding.

Question: Does having a pleasant smile really make a difference?

Yes, a genuine smile can be very attractive to women. It shows that you are approachable and friendly. However, it’s important to be mindful of the context and timing of your smile, ensuring it is natural and well-placed in the conversation.

Question: Is intelligence an important factor in attracting women?

Yes, intelligence is often valued by women. While being smart alone may not be enough, combining intelligence with confidence and the ability to engage in meaningful conversations can make you more appealing.

Question: How important is a sense of humor in attracting women?

A good sense of humor is highly attractive to women. Being able to make witty remarks, share lighthearted moments, and laugh at oneself can create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere, enhancing the connection between you and a woman.

Question: Why is honesty emphasized as an attractive trait?

Honesty is crucial in building trust and establishing a genuine connection. Being truthful and authentic from the beginning helps create a solid foundation for a relationship. Pretending to be someone you’re not will only lead to problems in the long run.

Question: Should men be overly considerate or thoughtful to attract women?

Being considerate and thoughtful is attractive, but it’s important not to overdo it. Balancing acts of kindness and thoughtfulness with maintaining your own boundaries and self-respect is essential. It should be genuine and not driven by a need for approval.

Question: Why is it important not to appear too eager or overly invested in attracting women?

Women are often attracted to men who have confidence, independence, and a sense of self-worth. Being too eager or invested can come across as needy or desperate, which is generally unattractive. Maintaining a sense of mystery and having other interests in your life can make you more desirable.

Question: Why do some women find the “bad boy” archetype attractive?

The appeal of the “bad boy” can be linked to evolutionary factors. Historically, traits associated with a “bad boy,” such as confidence, dominance, and the ability to protect, were beneficial for survival and reproductive success. However, it’s important to note that not all women are attracted to this archetype, and healthy, respectful relationships can be built on mutual trust and understanding.

Question: How can men become “the prize” that women desire?

Becoming “the prize” involves having confidence, self-respect, and a strong sense of identity. It means valuing yourself and your own worth, rather than seeking validation solely from others. By focusing on personal growth, pursuing your passions, and maintaining healthy boundaries, you can position yourself as someone who is desirable and worth pursuing.

Remember, attraction is complex and varies from person to person. It’s essential to respect individual preferences and focus on building genuine connections based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values.


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